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PRESTON LABS       Shawano, WI
Vegas was the matriarch of the pack.  She was the daughter of AFC CJ's Double Exposure.  Vegas was the most loyal dog a person could ask for.  She was an excellent retriever in and out of the water.  She had a taller frame and her muscular body packed a lot of power for hunting.  Vegas was very smart and obedient.
CERF: Clear
DNA registered
Weight: 65 lbs.
Shasta was easily trained.  She was the daughter of our very own "Preston's Vegas High Roller".    She had a well sculpted  body for power and speed in retrieving.  I did not hunt with Shasta, but she loved to retrieve in and out of the water. She loved attention and would wag her tail all the time!
OFA: GOOD      ELBOWS: Normal
CERF: Clear     EIC: Clear
DNA registered
Weight: 66 lbs

Zazz  had a very impressive pedigree.  Her father was NFC FC AFC Five Star General Patton and his father was 2x NAFC FC 2x CNAFC/FC Ebonstar Lean Mac.  Zazz's persistence, speed, drive, and nose made her a great hunter.  Zazz was fun loving and went with the flow.  She loved people and oh boy getting her belly scratched! 
ELBOWS: Normal
CERF: Clear          EIC: Clear
DNA registered
Weight: 67 lbs 
Onyx  had NFC FC AFC Five Star General Patton as a father.  She was a smart, obedient dog. Onyx had earned the nickname "magnet"  for sitting right up next to people and sticking to them.  She had a loving disposition and temperament.  Who could have resisted that soft black face and brown eyes?
OFA: Excellent
ELBOWS: Normal
CERF: Clear
DNA registered
Weight: 70 lbs
Maddie was the daughter of FC Candlewood's Meet Joe Black. She was extremely intelligent and easy to train. Maddie lived for retrieving in and out of the water. She made sure she was part our family's daily routine. While very athletic, she had a gentle and loving disposition. She loved hanging out on the living room floor with her family. Maddie had a taller and longer frame with a beautiful square head.

ELBOWS: Normal
CERF: Clear
EIC: Clear
Weight: 72 lbs
Grace is the daughter of Hillview's Reuben James JH & our very own "Onyx", the daughter of NFC FC AFC Five Star General Patton. Grace turns heads with both her confirmation and calm, friendly disposition. She is a certified therapy dog & is working with students in our primary school.  Because of her laid back, easy going personality, Grace is loved by all she meets.
HIPS OFA: GOOD    ELBOWS: OFA NORMAL CERF: Clear             DOB: 10/29/2010
Weight: 90 lbs  
"Reesee" is the daughter of "Grace."  She is mission accomplished as far as the type of lab we strive for in our breeding program. She is a true multi-purposed lab.  Her laid back, gentle personality makes her the perfect companion dog.  Yet when it comes time for hunting she can flip the switch. She is a great hunter. She is an excellent marker, very birdie, loves the water, and is a retrieving machine. In September 2022 she earned her Jr Hunter title with 4 passes in 4 attempts. 
"Bell" is the granddaughter of 2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC CFC  Ebonstar Lean Mac.  Her parents are Mill Pond's Code Name Rawhide MH X Blackfoot's Time and Thyme Again SH.  Bell has a pedigree full of hunting titles and field champions, yet she is one of the sweetest labs around.  She is very affectionate and all she wants to do is please.  She is our smallest lab, but is packed with power and speed.  She has never hunted, but that's on humans not her.  She is very birdie and has a nose!
"Preston's Homemade Reesee PB Cup JH"
Weight: 70 lbs DOB: 7/6/19
"Riptides Bell Bell Bell"
EIC: CLEAR                        CNM: CLEAR
Weight:  50 lbs                    DOB: 9/14/2019
BELL IS FOR SALE!  $2,000 or $500 if we can have her back for 1 more litter.