Our puppies are ready for new homes starting at 7 weeks.  By that time they have been vet checked twice, have been dewormed, and have had current vaccinations.  All our puppies go to new homes with:
*puppy training kit including literature full of tips on raising a lab
*AKC limited registration. If you are buying a puppy with the intention to breed, we require you to get the following health clearances: OFA rating of either GOOD or EXCELLENT, OFA elbows NORMAL, eye CERF clear of retinitus or glaucoma,  and noncarrier of EIC.  If you obtain DVM and AKC acceptable results on the above, we will remove the AKC Limited Registration and convert the registration to unlimited at new owner's expense  (We are doing this to further preserve the overall high quality integrity of the Labrador Retriever.)
*36 month hip/eye/elbow guarantee
*vaccination record
*towel with mom and littermates' scents for a smooth transition

     Our pups are born right in our home. Within the first few days, our vet removes the dewclaws and inspects each puppy. From the very beginning we handle the pups and have as many visitors as possible to aid in their socialization. As the puppies grow they are exposed to vacuum cleaners, banging pots, crates, car rides, and a radio. 
For the future hunters, we introduce pheasant wings, water (weather
permitting), and we hold squeaky toys overhead so they become 
accustomed to looking up. We want them to become well adjusted to as 
many situations as possible while they still feel the comfort of mom and the 
others in the litter. All of our puppies come with a 36 month hip/eye/elbow 
guarantee.  If anything should genetically go wrong with the pup's hips, 
elbows, or eyes within the first 3 years, we'll refund the full purchase price 
and the owner gets to keep the dog. References from previous puppy buyers, pedigrees & health clearances are available upon request.

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By 6 weeks, (below) pups have had many different kinds of surfaces to run and play on including stairs, carpet, linoleum, concrete, and water or snow depending on the season!

Not sure about collar sizes, crates, dishes, or chew toys?  Come visit us.  We offer just about every piece of equipment you would need to get your puppy off to a successful start.  
Safe, secure crate WITH a DIVIDER so you can make the crate bigger as your puppy grows.  Get only 1 crate instead of 2 or 3.
*fits large breed dogs up to 90 lbs
*removable plastic tray 
*folds up flat for easy transport
*1 door

Help keep your dog's eating area cleaner, and make it easier and safer for your dog to eat!  These stainless steel dishes can't be chewed and are easy to clean.
*stand included to elevate your dog's food and water
*2 Qt dishes with 12" tall stand
All puppies need CHEW TOYS!
Toys that do NOT have stuffing or small plastic pieces are recommended.  We have a variety of KONG and NYLABONE toys.  (Some not pictured here.)  
*Kongs can be filled with dog biscuits.  
*Another trick is to put peanut butter inside and freeze.  Puppies will love working to get peanut butter out, and the cold feels so good in that puppy mouth!
$5 - $9
$7- $8
KONG Wobbler is a great way to keep your smart dog thinking!

Just fill the bottom with dog food and watch your dog paw at the wobbler to dispense the food out of the hole.
AQUA KONG floats in the water!  The attached, durable nylon rope makes for easy throwing.  Your lab will spend hours retrieving in the water.

Your dog can be a sports fan too!  Show support for your favorite team with these nylon collars and leashes.  All leashes are 1" wide and 6 ft long.  Collars are adjustable 10-14" and 5/8" wide. We also have a variety of solid colored leashes and collars that will fit your puppy when he leaves our house.
sport team leashes $14
sport team collars
solid colored leashes
solid colored collars
Puppy treats
26 oz bag
The Labrador Retriever Book includes a free training DVD! 
This total care guide contains colorful sidebars, boxes, and photographs that illustrate key topics important to lab owners.  This excellent source of accurate, in-depth information will help you and your family raise a healthy and well-behaved companion.
Magic Coat is a gentle, waterless shampoo that can be applied to small soiled areas of your dog's coat.  It dries quickly without leaving a sticky residue. Convenient to use in the winter!
Tearless puppy shampoo is  mild and won't irritate your pet's eyes.   18oz bottle
   "Reesee" chocolate puppies were born on Jan 5, 2023. This is a repeat breeding. Puppies from this litter should be the multi purpose lab; great companions & hunters. We expect these pups to be intelligent, have friendly dispositions along with impressive instincts for hunting.  They should have taller and longer frames, sculpted muscle tone and blocky heads.  Adults are estimated to weigh 65-75 lbs. These puppies should be easy to train, eager to please, affectionate, and have easy going, social temperaments. Pups will be the perfect fit for family pets, companions, and hunting.  We are taking deposits (50% of purchase price & refundable) on puppies from this litter. Deposit determines picking order.   As of 1/23/23 there are 6 males available.  Puppies will be ready for new homes starting February 23.
Current litter of 10 @ 1 week 
Pups above are from last Deeks X Reesee litter.